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We love hearing from people and are always looking for new collaborations. Do you have an event or a particular issue that you're passionate about? We'd love to to sit down with you and talk about how we might work our magic.

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Custom Experiences

Custom Experiences for your Organization

No two performances are the same but the results are always surprise and delight. And the best news — we can work with almost any budget. Contact us to find out how we can inject a little intelligent humor into your next meeting or event. Contact:


Conference REcap

What's better than ending the day on a high note? Our performers will attend your event just like everyone else, except that they're taking notes in order to create a hilarious show based on the day.


Improv Cafe

Sometimes the wisdom is already in the room. We'll ask big questions and our performers will spread out in the audience to hear what everyone is thinking. They'll then reflect it back through improv.



We've created tours for art museums, breweries and more. Learning is a lot more fun when lead by an improviser! We'll help you design a tour for inside or outside.


Flagship Show

The show begins with an interview with a smart person about an issue. While that happens, a team of improvisers are taking notes in order to bring everything to life through improv comedy.


Your Story Unscripted

Why have one speaker when we can go to the whole audience? We'll give a prompt to the crowd and then our cast will take the stage. It's sort of like a public forum meets SNL.


Unscripted Minnesota Holiday

An improvised holiday musical that celebrates a new made up holiday every show. Using all your favorite elements from holiday movies.



We can't teach you how to dance, but we can teach you how to improvise. A lot of the tools improvisers use on-stage can be applied to many other situations. Learn how to be better communicator.


Quiz Show

We will create a fun custom quiz show for your event and everyone in the audience can play along! We'll work with you to develop material and plug them into everyone's favorite classic games.



New ideas are wonderful! Why go it alone when we can dream up something great together? We'd love to hear about your idea and help make it happen. No idea is too big or small.