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We love hearing from people and are always looking for new collaborations. Do you have an event or a particular issue that you're passionate about? We'd love to to sit down with you and talk about how we might work our magic.

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Custom Experiences

Interested in having The Theater of Public Policy tackle your issue? We'd be glad to make your event fun and memorable. 


No two performances are the same but the results are always surprise and delight. And the best news — we can work with almost any budget. Contact us to find out how we can inject a little intelligent humor into your next meeting or event. Contact:

Flagship Show

Laughter always enhances learning. In our Flagship Show, we use unscripted theater to re-frame debates and today’s issues in a new light, making serious discussions fun and entertaining. Here is how it works:

  • We open with an on-stage interview with leading expert or thought leader on a given subject

  • Based on this interview, The Theater of Public Policy’s cast improvises scenes that illuminate the topic in new and entertaining ways

  • The guest takes questions from the audience, engaging everyone in the process

  • We conclude the show with a final series of improv humor based on all the events of the evening, stimulating the audience’s civic imagination in the process

Conference Recap

It’s always great to end on a high note. Nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, corporations, and conveners of all types hire us to ensure success with their events, conferences and offsite meetings. Here is how it works:

  • We work with you to determine your meeting goals and understand the format of the event

  • Our cast attends the event, mingling with your attendees, compiling themes and digesting content

  • The magic happens when we take the stage. Whether during a panel discussion or after a presenter’s concluding remarks, we use our brand of improv theater to summarize key themes

  • Audiences engage and sometimes participate, making important themes more memorable and long lasting

  • Meeting flow and energy are enhanced and sessions always end on a high note

Improv Cafe

Table for six? When conference meetings break up into small group discussions, we embed our cast among your team to make magic happen. It’s an unconventional mash up of small group discussions and high-energy improvisational humor. Here is how it works:

  • The client arranges the audience into small groups for discussion, ideally around tables

  • With your help, we present each group with a topic or question to spark conversation

  • The Theater of Public Policy cast members embed themselves within each group, listening, noting key ideas and collecting anecdotes

  • At the end of discussion, the cast takes the stage equipped with their observations and learnings

  • Using humor and improvisational techniques, we recap the main themes and then present a long form improv session reflecting the audience’s thinking and ideas

  • The result is simultaneously entertaining and empowering for all involved

Your Story Unscripted

Bringing people closer together. That is what Your Story Unscripted is all about. The Theater of Public Policy infuses your gathering with personal storytelling and improvisational humor, making your event more fun, more exciting and above all more memorable. Here is how it works:

  • Together, the client and The Theater of Public Policy develop a topic or idea around which the event will revolve

  • In an iterative process, we invite an attendee to think about the theme and then stand up and share her or his personal story

  • Our cast improvises a scene or two inspired by the attendee’s personal account

  • After a few minutes of fun and hilarity, the cast asks for another story from the audience and the show goes on

  • Depending on the size of the gathering and the length of the event, The Theater of Public Policy performs up to a half-dozen unscripted stories bring audience members closer together

To develop a custom experience, contact us at