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We love hearing from people and are always looking for new collaborations. Do you have an event or a particular issue that you're passionate about? We'd love to to sit down with you and talk about how we might work our magic.

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Interested in having The Theater of Public Policy tackle your issue? We'd be glad to make your event fun and memorable. 

We Make Things Fun

Through our work and stage performances, the cast of T2P2 comes with extensive background in harnessing the creative process in individuals, nonprofit organizations, education institutions and corporations. T2P2 members bring a wealth of experience with business, nonprofit, political and advocacy leaders across Minnesota. We can work within almost any budget, so tell us what your needs are. To develop a workshop or plan an event, contact us at 


Why have a training about how to use the latest Excel program when you can have a fun one instead? We’ll lead your group through different exercises that teach improvisational techniques that will develop your communication and listening skills. Teamwork, agreement, and innovation are all topics we can cover. By the end your group will be laughing and telling each other “yes, and” instead of “no, but.”

Perform a Show Around Your Topic!

Our interview based show is a powerful medium for exploring issues and bringing them to life using theater. All of the ideas and challenges brought up in this conversation serve as the inspiration for the improvised scenes to follow. The improvisers tasks are not to make light of the issues or mock the players involved. Instead, scenes make the previous conversation come to life with living, breathing characters in the situations described. It’s a show unlike any other.

An Event Custom Built for You!

For retreats and visioning sessions, we offer a unique style to assist your creative process. Using the World Café model, we will frame discussions among your group and place improvisers among them. Our improvisers will then harvest key details from these talks. Later, they’ll come together delight and summarize while the thoughts and ideas from your group are brought to life. We'd be delighted to package together different options to meet all of your needs.


Here is a list of some of the organizations we've worked with in the past.



To develop a workshop or plan an event, contact us at