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We love hearing from people and are always looking for new collaborations. Do you have an event or a particular issue that you're passionate about? We'd love to to sit down with you and talk about how we might work our magic.

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Our Story


The scene opens on Tane Danger and Brandon Boat, longtime friends and Gustavus Adolphus College alums. As double agents, they spend their days as civic do-gooders, making the world a better place. By night, they produce improv shows, making the world more fun for all.


It’s 2011. The scene opens on a small basement office. Tane and Brandon have formed The Theater of Public Policy, melding their dual identities and devoting themselves full time to using improvisational humor to reframe ideas, issues and other hard thinky stuff. They form Danger Boat Productions, an umbrella organization with The Theater of Public Policy serving as their most well-known and prominent show. By the end of the scene, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts taps the team to serve as artists in residence to bring improv into the museum.


The scene opens on current times. The Theater of Public Policy has taken off and found tremendous success. As co-founders of this thriving enterprise, Tane and Brandon assembled a cast of talented improv performers. Together they stage scheduled shows, customized events and workshops, winning acclaim far and wide.


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