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We love hearing from people and are always looking for new collaborations. Do you have an event or a particular issue that you're passionate about? We'd love to to sit down with you and talk about how we might work our magic.

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Issues and Improv

Bring The Theater of Public Policy to your college or university! Thanks to a generous grant, The Theater of Public Policy (T2P2) is able to visit at least 10 different college campuses this year for free!

Simply apply using this form.

More details about the program and grant:

The Theater of Public Policy brings hard, "thinky" issues and debates to life through unscripted comedy theater. We're going to campuses across the country this year. How about yours?

We can work with you to help create a unique forum on a tricky topic that'll help people understand each other across ideological lines. Or run a workshop that trains people in listening and civil discourse through improv.

Travel and most other costs associated with a visit are covered by a grant. Local hosts only need to provide lodging for the cast, book the performance space, publicize the event on campus, and assist PKD with collecting audience reactions to the performance. Contact us here!


Flagship Show

Our Flagship show can facilitate more successful public talks on controversial or challenging subjects. These shows start with an on-stage interview with an expert or panel on a particular issue. Then, the cast of T2P2 re-imagines the topic through unscripted comedy.

The interview element and the promise of an improvised interpretation is an unconventional format that opens audiences up to hearing from people with whom they might otherwise just ignore or be hostile towards. We've successfully used this format to facilitate respectful and thought-provoking talks by speakers on issues like 2nd amendment rights for people of color, free-market energy and education policies, and challenges to modern feminism.


Improv Cafe

An audience of students and faculty will gather around tables to talk among themselves about big questions. We will work with you to plan these prompts, whether they're, "What is most important to you about your education or what is one thing you wish were different about the school, etc?"

As the groups discuss theses questions, our cast of performers will fan out and embed themselves at different tables where they'll absorb and collect stories. Then, we'll take the stage, bringing all the ideas and anecdotes to life. The performance reflects back the real conversations for a highly democratic and entertaining community conversation.


Student Debate Shows

We are adept at taking varied and sometimes opposing points of view and bringing them to life on stage. For college campuses with an active speech and debate program, T2P2 can host an events where students formally debate a proposed motion. What's different is that each team will have a small cast of improvisers allied with them. 

After the formal verbal debate, the cast of improvisers will illustrate the ideas presented and argue through unscripted theater. The promise of improv will bring new audiences to a formal debate.


Speech and Debate Team Workshops

Improv trains you to think on your feet, grapple with loads of incoming information, and communicate complex ideas to an audience. T2P2 has led workshops previously for college speech and debate teams and intends to bring it more broadly to colleges this year. 

These workshops lead speech and debate students through exercises that we use in rehearsals to hone our skills as improvisers. After each exercise, we'll deconstruct the skill to show how they are valuable for those practicing speech and debate.


TANE DANGER (Host/Co-Founder)                                                                                     954.304.5935
BRANDON BOAT (Performer/Co-Founder)                                                                641.629.0272
JOSHUA WILL (Project Manager)                                                                                     612.309.4889

PHIL VOIGHT (PKD)                                                                                                  651.492.8449

Contact us using the information above, or apply using this form.


This program is a partnership between The Theater of Public Policy, Pi Kappa Delta and the Charles Koch Institute.