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Energy Debate!

Brandon Boat

Energy policy is one of those issues that we can all agree on, right? Wrong! We had three guests, Ben Gerber (Manager of Energy Policy and Labor/Management Policy at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce), Michael Nobel (CEO of Fresh Energy) and Peter Nelson (Director of Public Policy at the center of the American Experiment. The room was electric and the crowd was feisty. Who won the debate? That's for you to decide.

Bush Foundation President Jennifer Ford Reedy

Brandon Boat

Philanthropy is changing, both on an individual level as well as an institutional level. Jennifer Ford Reedy took the helm at the St. Paul-based Bush Foundation at the tailend of the Great Recession. We’ll talk about being at the helm of one of the region’s largest foundations, and if it gets annoying to receive President Bush’s fan mail. 

Designing the Perfect Fruit

Brandon Boat

Did you know that 80% of the apples grown in Minnesota are creations of the University of Minnesota breeding program? We will talk to one of the people behind the University’s apple program, scientist David Bedford about how you create new apple varieties, how our ways of producing food are changing through science, and if anything will ever be as great as the Honeycrisp.

Explain Trains and Automobiles

Brandon Boat

Think coming up with your own five-year plan is a challenge? Try coming up with a 20-year plan for the entire Twin Cities region. That’s just part of the charge for our guest, Susan Haigh, chair of the Metropolitan Council. We asked her all about what visions they've heard from Minnesotans for the future of the Twin Cities.

Out of School Time - Not Just for TV Anymore

Brandon Boat

Sprockets, St. Paul’s out-of-school time programs network, has a new director and she joined  us on the show. Eyenga Bokamba talked to us about why students need to keep learning even after the school day ends. In addition to her work leading this diverse coalition of programs, Bokamba is a visual artist in her own right, and a Harvard graduate. Consider us intimidated.

Democracy of Data

Brandon Boat

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, City of Minneapolis Chief Information Officer Otto Doll, and Open Twin Cities’ Bill Bushey will tell us about making government data more readily available to citizens. All three have been working to make government more transparent and efficient through data. We’ll ask why anyone would want all the city’s records on cats getting stuck in trees, and why the moniker “hacker” is considered a dirty word.