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Norm Ornstein

Brandon Boat

Washington gridlock, elections, pundrity and more all in our chat with Norm Ornstein, Resident Scholar of the American Enterprise Institute. He offers up answers and more questions about all things politics. 

Church and State

Brandon Boat

Some people think church and state should be the best of friends and others think of them as worst enemies that shouldn't even be in the same room together.  How does this all play out in the real world? How did it get this way and what can be done about it? We talked with Rev. Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

Meet Minneapolis

Brandon Boat

What does Minneapolis do to attract visitors and what goes into a proposal for hosting a major conference or event the Super Bowl? Meet Minneapolis has the answers and it's not to keep building more stadiums.

Design, for Good!

Brandon Boat

Tom Fisher, former Dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota and the 5th most published author on architecture in America talks with us about how our world will change, the importance of design,  and he looks into his crystal ball to talk about the future of driver less cars.

Energy Debate!

Brandon Boat

Energy policy is one of those issues that we can all agree on, right? Wrong! We had three guests, Ben Gerber (Manager of Energy Policy and Labor/Management Policy at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce), Michael Nobel (CEO of Fresh Energy) and Peter Nelson (Director of Public Policy at the center of the American Experiment. The room was electric and the crowd was feisty. Who won the debate? That's for you to decide.

Bush Foundation President Jennifer Ford Reedy

Brandon Boat

Philanthropy is changing, both on an individual level as well as an institutional level. Jennifer Ford Reedy took the helm at the St. Paul-based Bush Foundation at the tailend of the Great Recession. We’ll talk about being at the helm of one of the region’s largest foundations, and if it gets annoying to receive President Bush’s fan mail.