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"What sticks with people are stories, not policies,” said co-founder Tane Danger. “So we reframe political conversations into narrative.”"

- Exploring Issues with Improv, the Theater of Public Policy is Seriously Funny - Star Tribune

"In between her conversation with Danger, improv actors performed skits about being kicked out of Uptown after turning 30 and having to buy a home there to be allowed to vote. Of course, there were plenty of goat noises, in a dig at the movement to legalize hoofed animals within city limits."

- City Council draws laughs at improv show with Lisa Bender - Star Tribune

"After about three dozen debates heavy on public policy and political wonkery, most of the leading candidates for mayor of Minneapolis let their hair down a bit last night in an evening of comedy and political debate"

- The UpTake

"According to Voight, the comedic nature of the show serves as a unique method for exploring a difficult topic, reducing the defensiveness and tension which might arise from traditional debate, and Heldke also praised the group, noting that humor is a “brilliant medium” for communication."

- Is College Worth it? - Gustavian Weekly

 "Both men refuse to accept the often bandied about wisdom that Millennials are politically disengaged or that their participation in the political process is capricious at best. Young people want to be engaged on their own terms, Boat argues."

- Move Over Stewart and Colbert: Meet the Millennial Duo Mining Public Policy for Laughs | Forbes

 "Tane Danger moderated the forum with six candidates at Bryant Lake Bowl, leading on-stage discussions with the aspiring mayors that offered rich material for the improv cast..."

- Mayoral Discussion Features Improv, Laughs and a Superman Costume | Star Tribune

 "I've got to recommend that you go to that, because The Theater of Public Policy is very very entertaining."

- Weekend Arts Roundup: Nov. 7, 2013 | The Current

"From Superman costumes to a proposed wall around the city, the mayoral candidates tried their best to get laughs of their own, but the theater’s actors earned the big laughs from the packed house."

 - A Funny Twist on the Mayoral Forum | Murphy News Service

"Tane Danger and Brandon Boat, a couple of Twin Cities millennials, are getting some love on the Forbes website today for their Theater of Public Policy, which features a mix of wonky discussion with comedy via improv."

- When the News is a Joke | News Cut

"Wringing any kind of humor out of the staid mayoral forum format could be considered a success — and by that measure, The Theater of Public Policy scored a win..."

 - A Funnier Take on an Old Forum | Southwest Journal

 "The evening was a bit like having a quirky bunch of friends dinging around in your living room.  Super laid-back.  But still reasonably well-organized."

- Online Journalism by the Theater of Public Policy | How Was the Show? 

 "The goal is also to be accessible to both people who are new to the topic and those who are experts. Using humor bridges the gap between the experts and the those with an interest, if not the knowledge, about the issue."

 - Theater of Public Policy Merges Politics and Improv | City Pages

"After about three dozen debates heavy on public policy and political wonkery, most of the leading candidates for mayor of Minneapolis let their hair down a bit last night in an evening of comedy and political debate..."

- Bowling for Votes: Improv Night with the Minneapolis Mayoral Candidates | The Uptake 

"The show has earned such a reputation for intelligent humor that it's been able to line up some high profile guests."

Improv, Public Policy, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts | MPR News

"The lack of specific boundaries within the organization allows them to nurture creative connections across departments, building a culture ripe for innovation."

- Improvisers, Educators, Culture Builders | Pollen

"...a charming evening of painless edification and light entertainment..."

- TPT's Cross-Platform Open Air Initiative Aims for a Younger, Arts-Focused Public Television Audience | Knight Arts

"We’re not in the business of making fun of issues or belittling them. We want to use humor to explore debates and ideas. We want to make dense, challenging subjects accessible to a general audience without sacrificing the importance or magnitude of the issue..." 

The Theater of Public Policy Uses Humor to Explore Complex Issues | Twin Cities Daily Planet

It feels like a very intimate version of a television talk show"

An Improvised Civics Lesson | Southwest Journal

"What could become Minnesota's answer to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert"

Lighter Side of Public Policy |

"...the Theater of Public Policy might provide just the break needed during the ramp up of the 2012 election cycle and will definitely provide a much needed breath of fresh air on these ideas during the bombardment of political commercials streaming into our homes."

- Theater of Public Policy | Leadership and Community

"...we’re seeing countless examples of how this unique arts-oriented approach is a critical piece of the problem-solving puzzle. One of my favorite examples is the Theater of Public Policy..."

Midwest artists use creativity, conversation and capacity to solve community problems | Bush Foundation

"As far as actor, teacher and improv artist Jen Scott is concerned, anything can be the source of improv comedy. Even, or maybe especially, public policy."

Improv for Policy Wonks | MPR Art Hounds

"Public policy is all about how we live our lives and create a better future for the next generation. They are questions filled with drama, intrigue and, more often than not, comedy."

- Public policy meets improv? Cue that laugh track! | Bush Foundation

"There’s something really powerful about this idea of the audience being able to engage with politicians and public policy leaders,” he said. “We think what we’re doing is one way to improve the political dialogue in our community.”

Alumni Using Improv to Engage Citizens | Gustavus Adolphus College

"[Improv] is an unconventional tool, one that can travel to the heart of a policy and bring back a laugh or a kernel of truth."

- Fringecast 2012 | Twin Cities Theater Connection

"...Seeing the way the comedians interpret the information helps both the audience and experts think about certain ideas in a new way..."

Seriously Funny - Improv Ads Comic Twist to Public Policy | Post Bulletin

"Unlike a late night comedy show, every guest has loved being on and loved the show. "That's why our show works; listening and framing in a different way."

- Theater of Public Policy Combines Big Issues and Improv Comedy | Uptown Neighborhood News

"Mix together young adult professionals, music, markers and crayons, a rapid-wit improv theater troupe, a policy wonk from the Metropolitan Council, and what do you get? An evening of engaged, lively discussion about the future of the seven-county metro region."

- Thrive MSP 2040: Millenials Weigh in on Regional Planning with Fun and Wit - Metropolitan Council