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Fight Climate Change. Eat Bugs!

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Fight Climate Change. Eat Bugs!

  • Bryant Lake Bowl 810 West Lake Street Minneapolis, MN United States (map)
Daniella Martin

Daniella Martin

Daniella Martin, Author, Edible: An Adventure Into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet

Eating meat like beef and pork contributes to climate change. But one kind of meat has a dramatically smaller carbon footprint: bugs. Daniella Martin is an entomophagist (a bug-eating expert) and a travel and food writer. This unique mix led her to travel the world, exploring how all manner of insects and bugs are enjoyed. She’ll join us to talk about eating bugs and how it could be part of averting the climate crisis. Will this be our first cooking show?   


Doors at 6:00pm, Show at 7:00pm

Cast: Brandon Boat, Fred Cheng, Heather Meyer, Theo Langason, Tane Danger, Dennis Curley

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What is the show?

Described “As if C-SPAN were suddenly swarmed by the cast of SNL,” The Theater of Public Policy has garnered national media attention and fans for its unique blend of serious issues and improv comedy.

  • Shows open with a lively conversation with a newsmaker or policy wonk.

  • That conversation inspires a team of Minnesota’s most sharpest improvisers, who create entirely spontaneous sketches based on the interview.

  • The expert guest(s) then answers questions from the audience.

  • The show wraps with one last round of improv from the cast.

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